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We require all individuals interested in opening a videogame store to meet minimum financial requirements, in this section we need to determine as accurately as possible your investment capabilities. If you are going to have partners, you may include their liquid capital as well.
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Open Your Videogame store with us, and you'll receive pre-opening services including assistance
with site selection, store layout/design, opening inventory, lease negotiation, grand opening
and store merchandising.  We also give a hands on training program to get you started right.
All the operating and management software is included with the setup.

We offer many more services than a large retailer


Lower prices:  Both new and used games are lower in price than the big name stores, such as Wal Mart or Best Buy

Renting games: A try before you buy concept.  Why waste $40 on a game that you don't like.  Rent it for $3.

Trading games: Customers can trade in their old games in for new ones.

DVD Rentals:  Stomp the local competition with the lowest DVD rental Prices in town.

Cyber Cafe and Gaming Zone:  Ten High speed computers hooked to the internet, for blazing Online gaming and LAN parties.

Personal Touch:  Video game enthusiasts like to talk to other video game enthusiasts - Customers will converse with your staff about what's hot and what's not.



Harness more than 65 years of retail expertise, and over 15 years in the Videgame Retail Business

Player's Choice Cyber Gaming Zone

Tap into the lion's share of a $16 billion market


New Store Under Construction


Interested in a retail business?
Looking for a business that's fun and profitable?
Prepared to work hard?
Able to invest $75,000.00-$100,000.00?

THEN you could soon join the exciting world of video games and run your own Player's Choice store.

Player's Choice, one of the leading independent video games retailers, is the first to establish its highly successful formula across the country and now you have the chance to grab your very own shop-in-a-box.

Player's Choice started in the mid-1980s at the birth of the video games industry and now has seven company-owned stores, an award-winning e-commerce site and franchised outlets in North Carolina.

Each of Player's Choice own company stores and franchise outlets buys, sells and trades all leading brands of consoles, games, accessories and DVDs.

The video games industry has just entered a new era with the launch of the next generation of consoles. Playstation2, Nintendo's GameCube and Microsoft's X-box are all vying for top slot and with a host of exciting new games business is booming.

By the turn of the 21 Century the US leisure software market was worth $16 Billion. By 2005 experts predict that the US games market will have grown by 5% each year and you could be part of the action.

WHAT Player's Choice OFFERS YOU

Assistance with site acquisition
Expert retail design and shop fit
Opening stock
Fully integrated stock control system, updated daily from HQ
Full sale or return terms on both new and second-hand goods
Full pre and post-opening training
Ongoing business support (book-keeping, VAT, PAYE, marketing, business development etc.)
Access to suppliers and preferential buying terms
A comprehensive training service
Direct link to all company expertise
Player's Choice Operations Manual



In total a fully-fitted, fully stocked store will cost in the range of $75,000.00-$100,000.00, inclusive of VAT, depending on location. Player's Choice does not charge a licence fee so in essence you are investing that money in yourself and your business.  The Cyber Gaming Zone is extra.  It is $20,000.00 for 10 High Speed computers and management software.  The Cyber Gaming Zone will bring in loads of traffic into your store, and on average will bring in $1,000 - $1,500 in additional revenue per month.


Turnover is expected to be in the range of $200,000.00 to $500,000.00 per year. Based on our experience of running our company owned shops and established franchise outlets, in 2000 the average store turnover was $300,000.00. Operated on a franchise basis this would produce a net trading profit figure of between $25,000.00 and $50,000.00. (This figure excludes drawings, depreciation or any finance charges).

Who Is Ideal


We are looking for individuals who are able to give a full-time commitment to the business and work in it hands on.

You don?t have to be young or a computer whiz but you or family members will probably have an interest in computers and the video games market.

You must be prepared to follow our tried-and-tested business format - but we are always looking for improvement and new ideas.

You need to have a positive attitude and be enthusiastic about running your own business.

As a retailer you must have good interpersonal skills, be prepared to work hard and have lots of common sense.

You need to be able to raise the necessary capital and you must have some cash of your own to put into the business.


The first stage is to fill in an inquiry form above.

You will then be sent a brochure and questionnaire. Once that is returned you will be invited to visit our stores for an in-depth discussion.

Please feel free to contact joint managing directors John McBride or David Pugh for an informal chat or visit any of our stores to talk to the managers or idividual store owners. Player's Choice believes you should have access to everyone within the company.

You must be right for us and we must be right for you!