The legendary company whose name is synonymous with the word "videogame." Founded as an arcade- game 
produced by Pong inventor Nolan Bushnell in 1972, Atari came to prominence in 1977 with the company's most 
famous product, the TV game system Atari 2600. This system is the father of all videogame systems.  How can 
anyone forget this system.  This was the big one, everybody and their brother had a 2600.  If you didn't have it, 
chances are a friend did.  There were several different types of Atari 2600s available. Some were the standard 
plastic casing, others featured a simulated wood cabinet.  Another version came out for a low, low price of under 
$50.  If gamers want a huge library of games, this is where to go.

O what a joy it was to play this system everday when I got home from school.  These games bring back
so many memories.  If you are an avid collector of video games, this is the site for you.


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