The first FINAL FANTASY for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment
system captivates imaginations once again with strikingly sophisticated CG
sequences, a riveting storyline, memorable characters and delightful music.

The main character, Tidus, is a star player of blitzball, a full contact sport.
After miraculously surviving the destruction of his homeland, he awakens
among ruins and thereafter meets a young woman named Yuna. As a
summoner, Yuna must travel to distant temples and learn the secret art of
summoning spirits of yore, in order to defeat "Sin." Tidus learns that a
thousand years in the past, mankind lived in spectacular cities and relied on
machines for everything, until Sin appeared and destroyed all civilization.
Now, people shun technology, and no one knows when Sin will strike

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* The first FINAL FANTASY game for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. 

* The first in the history of FINAL FANTASY installments to integrate voiceovers into a
majority of the story scenes. 

* Features a special effects system known as the "Facial Motion System", which adds
subtle facial expressions to the characters in real time. 

* Fully 3D environments tha seamlessly integrate real-time movement with boss battles,
allowing players to wander an area and engage in fights on the same screen. 

* Newly designed battle system that integrates traditional FINAL FANTASY battle elements
with a unique Sphere Grid character development system. 

* Life-like, high-polygon, motion-captured characters designed by renowned artist Tetsuya

* Enchanting musical score, written by famed composer Nobuo Uematsu, with tracks
featuring a distinct Japanese Okinawan flavor. 

* All new side quests and mini-games, such as the underwater sport of blitzball and a

* DOLBY® DIGITAL 5.1 channel Surround EX compatible.

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" Where would you be without Finaly Fantasy? NO WHERE! " - Scott Hartgrove