List of Classic Video Game Systems

Submitted by  Mattias Persson

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Magnavox Odyssey 1
Atari Pong C-100
Umtech Video Brai
Polycon C 4010
Magnavox Odyssey 100
Magnavox Odyssey 200 Magnavox Odyssey 200
Hanimex 7771
TV Sport XY
Hanimex 666S-N
The Jimmy 8XL

Philips ES2201
Delta III Videogame
Norda TV Game H-912
Markint 4
Magnavox Smash 4
Ronex Electronic TV Game Centre 15

Magnavox Odyssey 300
  Magnavox Odyssey 400
  Magnavox Odyssey 500
  Fairchild Channel F
  Philips ES 2203
  Mustang 9012
  Hanimex HMG-7900
  SHEEN Color TV Sports 406
  Interton Video 2400
  Sportron 101 U
  Sport 050
  Hanimex TVG 070C
  Intel Super Tele-Sport
  Interstate Color Game
  SHEEN 100 Video Sport
  Tandy TV ScoreBoard 60-9005
  Markint 4A
  SHEEN Video Game
  Prinztronic MICRO 5500
  Video Action IV "Indy 500"
    (Universal Research Labs)
  National Semiconductor Adversary 370
  DIGITEK 2001
  Unisonic Tournament 2000
  Visulex Super Pong 8000
  Fountain Force PVS-1392
  Orbit Elec Gimini Economy 8600
  Binatone Superstar 01/4354
  Adman Colour PVS
  Radofin Telesports III PVS
  SHEEN 104 Video Sport
  Radofin 1292
  Radofin 1392
  Sportel XY-4
  Gamatic 7704
  Intel TV-Sport 3006
  SHG BlackPoint FS2000
  Music Leader Multi-Play
  Mustang 9009 Video Game
  SHEEN 106C Color Video Sport
  Concept 2000 Spectrum 6

  APF TV Fun  (modell 401)
    (= MARKINT 4A)
  Calfax Bag-A-Tel
  Coleco Telstar  (modell 6040)
  Coleco Telstar Classic
  Coleco Telstar Alpha (modell 6030)
  Conic TVG 101-4
  Conic TVG 102-4
     (= MARKINT 4A ?)
  Concept 2000 NOSE T' NOSE
     (modell 1006)
  Concept 2000 Four-Way VG
     (modell 1004)
  Entex Tele-Pong  (modell 3047)
  Executive Games Face-Off
  Fantasia 101
  Federal Transistor VIDEO SPORT
  Intercon Marketing COLORGaME
  Heathkit GD-1999
     (= Adversary 370)
  Lafayette TOURNAMENT 20000
  Lloyd's TV SPORTS 802
  Magnavox Model 4305
     (= Philips Philetta 405 ?)
  Microelectronic Systems RICOCHET CHALLENGER
     (modell MT3A)
  Microelectronic Systems RICOCHET CHAMPION
     (modell MT2A)
  Microelectronic Systems RICOCHET
     (modell MT1A)
  Olympus Electronics TV Sports 77
  Quadtronics Q376
  Quadtronics Q476

Radio Shack TV Scoreboard
Ricochet, model MT1A
Microelectric Systems    1976                
Ridgewood Gamatic 7706
Ridgewood Gamatic 7600
(also by Olympos Electronic co,as the Gamatic 7600e)

Santron Gorilla Game TG-101
Santron Gorilla Game TG-201
Tele-Match Model 4400
Tele-Match Model 6600
Tele-Match Model 7700
Unisonic Tournament (model 101)
Venture Electronics VIDEO SPORTS VSV-1
Videomaster Superscore
Wonder Wizard Sharp Shooter(7702)  
General Home Products    1976


Magnavox Odyssey 2000
  Magnavox Odyssey 3000
  Magnavox Odyssey 4000
  RCA Studio II
  Bally Astrocade                  c
  Atari VCS 2600
  Hanimex SD-050
  Hanimex SD-070
  Hanimex TVG 8610
  Nintendo Color TV Game 6
  Indata DAI                       c
  MBO tele-ball cassette system I
  Philips Odyssey 2001
  Magnavox Odyssey 2100
  Atari Game Brain (C-700)
  Universum 4010
  Universum 4014
  Video 4000 EX
  Palladium Tele-Match
  Atari Video Pinball C-380
  Atari Tank                      (vaporware)
  Philips Videojeu N20
  Philips Videojeu N30
  Monarch Sensor-10
  Interton Video 3000
  TV Game 2600
  Magnavox Palladium
  Rolley 4/303 Video Secam System
  Secam Système Secam Jeux Video
  Thomson JV-17
  Interton Video 2501
  Interton Video 2800
  Sportsmaster SD-050F
  Fairchild Telematch Processor
  Prinztronic Videosport 800 Colour
  Winthronics D-5654 Videogame
  Sands 2200 Game
  Philips ES 2304
  Hometronics Telecourt TV Game
  APF M-1000
  Prinztronic VC 6000
  Concord TVG 203
  Concord TVG 205
  Atari Stunt Cycle
  Alex 36211
  Alex TG-621
Electronic TV Game 888G
  Unimex Mark IX
  Miragame GMC-802
  Palladium 825/417 Tele-Multiplay-SR
  Palladium 825/444 Color Tele-Match
  Körtling 825/050 Tele Multiplay
  Palladium 775/002
  Palladium 825/530
  Coleco Combat
Tele-Games Pong Sports IV           Sears (made by Atari)    1977
Telstar Ranger, Model 6046          Coleco                   1977

MBO tele-ball cassette system II
Telstar Marksman                    Coleco                   1978
  Philips Videopac G7000
    = Magnavox Odyssey^2
  Nintendo Color TV Game 15
  Exidy Sorcerer                   c
  Bingo TVG-208
  Luxor ABC80                      c
  Universum Color Multispiel 4106
  Palladium Tele Cassette
  Binatone Mk4 Game System
  Univox II Jeu Video
  Continental Edison JV 2705
  Saft Leclanché TV8SPORTS
  ITMC SD-017F
  Interton Video 3001
  Entreprex Apollo 2001
  Coleco Telstar Colortron
  APF Imagination Machine
  Audio Sonic Tele-Sports III
  Poppy TVG-4 TV Game
  Palladium 0474
  ITMC SD-043
  Coleco Telstar Arcade 3-in-1
  SHEEN M1200
    (Colour version of RCA Studio II)

Milton Bradley MicroVision
  Mattel Intellivision
  Binatone Mk6 Game System
  Atari 400                        c
  Atari 800                        c
  Acorn Atom                       c
  Personal Arcade
  Teleng Colorstars
  Bildschirm-Spiel 01
  Acetronic MPU 1000
  Acetronic MPU 2000
  MBO TeleBall Cassette System III
  Mark 57253

1980: 1981: 1982:
Acetronics MPU 3000
  Dynaco Dynavision I
     clone Atari VCS 2600
  Societé Occitane OC 5000
  Binatone Mk8 Game System
  BRANDVANCE Galactic Invaders
  Tandy TRS-80 CoCo I              c
  Adman Model 1000 Sportsvision
  Philips Videopac G 7200
  Radiola JET 27
     (clone Videopac G7200)
  Seb Telescore
Sinclair ZX 81                   c
  Commodore VIC= 20                c
  Intel TV Sport 1004
  Texas Instruments TI-99/4A       c
  Atari 2700
  Silver Star '64 Built-in Games'
     = Dick Smith Wizzard
  Entex Select-A-Game
Milton Bradley Vectrex
  CBS ColecoVision
  Atari 5200 Supersystem
  Interton VC 4000
  Entex Adventure Vision
  Dragon 32                        c
  Sinclair ZX Spectrum             c
  Basis 108                        c
  ORIC-1                           c
  Commodore VIC= 64                c
  Acorn BBC (model B)              c
  Thomson TO 7                     c
  Apple IIe                        c
  Lambda 8300                      c
  Atari CX-2000            (vaporware)
  VTech Laser 200                  c
  Atari 3200               (vaporware)
  Fairchild Channel F II
  Philips Videojeu N60
  Emerson Arcadia 2001
  Intervision 2001 Home Video Centre
    rare clone Emerson Arcadia 2001
  Advision Home Arcade
    = Emerson Arcadia 2001 (France)
  Leisure Dynamics LeisureVision
    = Emerson Arcadia 2001 (Canada)
  Akor TV Boy
      clone Atari VCS 2600
    = Emerson Arcadia 2001
  Atari 1200XL                     c
  BIT Corporation BIT-60           c
  Dick Smith VZ-200                c
  Grandstand SCRAMBLE
  Ideal Projector
  Atari 2900 Video Game System    (vaporware)
  Atari CX-3000       (vaporware)
  Tomytronic Scramble
  Tomytronic TRON
  Invaders of the Mummy's Tomb
  Entex Spider
  Columbia Home Arcade
     clone Atari VCS 2600 = Coleco Gemini

1983: 1984: 1985:
SORD M5                          c
  Nintendo Game & Watch
  Matra & Hachette ALICE           c
    (French computer)
  Philips Videopac + G7400
     = Magnavox Odyssey^3
  Nintendo Famicom
    (Japanese NES)
  Atari 600XL                      c
  TOMY Tutor                       c
  Ultravision Video Arcade System
  IBM PCjr                         c
  Comx-35                          c
  Camputers LYNX 48                c
  Tandy TRS-80 CoCo II             c
  EACA Colour Genie                c
  Grundy New Brain                 c
  MicroProfessor II                c
  Jupiter ACE                      c
  Brandt Jopac JO7400
     clone Videopac + G7400
  Atari VCS 2600 Junior
  Atari 2800 VCS
     = Sears TeleGames II
  Videoton TV Computer             c
  Coleco ADAM                      c
  Salora Fellow                    c?
  BIT Corporation BIT-90           c
  Atari 1450XLD                    c
  Mattel Aquarius I                c
  Bentley Compu-Vision
  Atari 5100

  Yamaha IS-503                    c
  Goldstar FC-200                  c
  Daewoo DPC200                    c
  CE-TEC MPC 80                    c
  SONY HitBit 55P                  c
  Philips VG-5000                  c
  Yashica YC-64                    c
  JVC HC-7E                        c
  Canon V-20                       c

  SEGA SC-3000H                    c
  Commodore Plus/4                 c
  Sega SG-1000
  Grandstand Star Force
  Mattel Intellivision II
  Epoch Super Cassette Vision
  Spectravideo SVI-318             c
  ORIC Atmos                       c
  Thomson TO 7/70                  c
  Thomson MO5                      c
  Thomson MO5NR                    c
  Camputers LYNX 128               c
  Mattel Aquarius II               c (vaporware)
  RDI Halcyon

  Sanyo WAVY 27                    c
  SONY HitBit-F500                 c
  Philips VG-8235                  c
  Philips NMS-8245                 c

  Nintendo NES
  Spectravideo SVI-728             c
  Enterprise 128                   c
  Hanimex Pencil II                c
  Matra & Hachette ALICE 90        c
  Atari 520 ST                     c
  Commodore C= 128                 c
  Thomson MO6                      c
  Thomson TO 8                     c
  Atari 130XE                      c

1986: 1987: 1988:

  BIT Corporation GAMATE
  SEGA Master System
  Atari 7800 Prosystem
     ?clone Nintendo NES??
  BAZ Home Computer 3600
     clone Nintendo NES
  Shotaro 720
     clone Nintendo NES
  Tandy TRS-80 CoCo III            c
  Thomson TO 9                     c
  Sharp Twin FAMICOM
     cooperation with Nintendo
  Videojet Game Master

  Atari XE Game System
  EndingMan S700
     clone Nintendo NES
     clone Nintendo NES
  MVC Family Computer
     clone Nintendo NES
  World of Wonder Action Max
  Mattel Captain Power
     clone Nintendo NES
     clone Nintendo NES
     clone Nintendo NES
     clone Nintendo NES
     clone Nintendo NES
  Atari 1040 STe                   c
  Chaota YF-3000
     Chinese clone Nintendo NES
  Tomytronic CaveMan
  Tomytronic Alien Attack
  MicroGenius IQ-1000
     Clone Nintendo NES

  Scitex UFO A-500 II
     clone Nintendo NES
  VTech PreCOMPUTER1000            c
  Hasbro Control-Vision
  NEC PC-Engine

1989: 1990: 1991:

  Nintendo Game Boy
  Atari LYNX
  SEGA Mega Drive
    = SEGA Genesis
  NEC TurboGrafx-16
  Commodore AMIGA CDTV
  Miles Gordon Tech SAM Coupé      c
  ViewMaster Interactive Vision
  Commodore VIC 64GS
  Acorn Archimedes 400             c
  Atari Portfolio                  c
  Konix Multi-System

  Amstrad GX 4000
  SEGA Game Gear
  SNK Neo-Geo
  SEGA Master System II
     clone Nintendo NES
  Nintendo SNES  (American)
  NEC TurboExpress
  NEC SuperGrafx
  NEC CoreGrafx II
  NEC PC-Engine GT
  NEC ShuttleGrafx
  Hall of Fame Games PowerPro (vaporware)

  Atari LYNX II
  JVC Wondermega
     = JVC X'Eye
  FM Towns Marty


  Watara SuperVision
  NEC PC-Engine DUO-RX
  Commodore AMIGA CD32
  NEC PC-Engine LCD TV
  Tandy Video Information System
  NEC TurboDuo
  SEGA Master System III Compact
  Gentry VGT 3300
     clone Nintendo SNES
  SEGA Mega-CD
  Atari Falcon 030                 c
  Philips CD-i 220
     Russian Nintendo SNES
Nintendo SNES  (European)
  Pioneer LaserActive CLD-A100
  SEGA Mega Drive II
     = SEGA Genesis II
  PSION Series 3a                  c
     British pocket computer
  Philips CD-i 200
  Philips CD-i 210
  Panasonic 3DO Multiplayer FZ-1
  Panasonic M2-CD    (vaporware)
  Atari Jaguar 64
  Bandai Playdia QIS
  SEGA MultiMega
  Lion King BS-900 ES
     clone Nintendo NES
  SEGA Mega Drive 32X
  Philips CD-i 450
  Philips CD-i 550
  Panasonic/3DO FZ-10
  Goldstar GDO 202P
  Nintendo New NES


  Nintendo Virtual Boy
  SNK Neo-Geo CDZ
     (double-spin CD)
  SEGA Nomad
  SEGA Saturn
  Sony PlayStation
  SNK Neo-Geo CD
     (single-spin CD)
  Philips CD-i 470
  Tiger R-Zone
  SONY Net Yaroze
  SEGA Pico
  Nintendo Game Boy Pocket
  Philips CD-i 615
  Philips CD-i 370 Pro Portable
  Tiger Super Screen
     related to R-Zone
  Tiger Data Zone
     related to R-Zone
  Nintendo 64
  PSION Series 5                   c
  JVL Concorde 2 Counter-Top


  SEGA Dreamcast VMS
  SNK Neo-Geo Pocket
  Nintendo Game Boy Color
  Bandai WonderSwan
  Majesco SEGA Genesis 3
  Apple iMac                       c
  Franklin REX PRO5-DS             c
  Tiger Pocket Pro
  SEGA Dreamcast
  Motorola BlackBird
    (VM Labs Nuon system)
  SONY PocketStation
  SONY PlayStation Plus   (rumour)
  SEGA Game Gear II       (rumour)
  Apple Power Macintosh G3/400     c
  SNK Neo-Geo Pocket Color
  New Flash
     Nintendo NES/SNES clone shaped like a N64
  Family Gold Leopard King
     (Looks like a keyboard, 16 bit Nintendo clone?)
 Future systems
  Nintendo Dolphin
     = Nintendo 2000
  Nintendo Game Boy Advance
  Microsoft X-Box
  SONY PlayStation 2
  SEGA Dreamcast 2
Playstation 2

Gameboy Advance

Nintendo DS

Sony PSP

Xbox 360

Playstation 3

Nintendo Wii


Nintendo 3DS


CT-7600C                            ???                      1977
TVcolor model 7600                  ???                      1977
TV-FAN model 1301                   ???                      1977
TV-FAN model 1401                   ???                      1977
TV-FAN model 1501                   ???                      1977
TV-FAN model 1601                   ???                      1977
TV-FAN model 1602                   ???                      1977
TV-FAN model 1701                   ???                      1977
TV-FAN model 1801                   ???                      1977
TV-FAN model 1901                   ???                      1977
TV-FAN model 1902                   ???                      1977
TVGAME                              ???                      1977
TV-JACK 1000                        ???                      1977
TV-JACK 1200                        ???                      1977
TV-JACK 1500                        ???                      1977
TV-JACK 2500                        ???                      1977
TV-JACK 3000                        ???                      1977
TVmate BARON                        ???                      1977
TVmate CHAMPION                     ???                      1977
TVmate DUKE                         ???                      1977
TVmate KING                         ???                      1977
TVmate QUEEN (TVG8000)              ???                      1977
TVmate SUPER CAR                    ???                      1977
TY-TG40                             ???                      1977
Video Attack                        ???                      1977
Video Attack 7 (TG-7800)            ???                      1977

TV-JACK 5000                        ???                      1978
TV-JACK 8000                        ???                      1978


EUROPEAN Systems                    Company                  YEAR

6000 Colour TV Game                 Grandstand
Blackpoint                          ?????
Kahrlich Telegame                   ?????
Model 1000                          Tandy
Superscore                          SEB
Telespiel-Philetta 915              Philips (built into TV set)
TEMCO 8000                          ?????
Tournament Ten Pong System          Prinztronic
TRQ                                 Talleres Radioelectricos
TV Spiel 1004                       Universum
TV Sports                           Soundic
VC 3000                             Interton
Video Stellar 5 Jeux                ?????
?? pong ??                          Univox
?? pong ??                          ReEL


Not dated
  Rollet Video Color
  Univox Tele Jeux 41N
  Prestige MPT-03
  Hanimex MPT-02
  Markint TV Sport 6002
  Paris Video Sport TY-707
  Starex 502  (six games built-in)
  Commodore TV Game 2000K
  Videomaster Model VM 577 (by The Sales Team)
  Mark III
  Binatone 01/4974 TV Master MK IV
  BMC TVG-8000 Video Game
  Conic 406 Color TV-sports
  HGS Telesport
  Intel Universal Tele Play
  Jostykit HF344 Multi TV-game
  Mustang 9008
  Super Pong IV Tele Games
  Universum Tele Multi Spiel
  Universum 2004 TV Multi-Spiel
  TV Challenger
  NEC PC-Engine Duo
  NEC TurbuGrafx-CD
  Daktar 007 Briefcase System
     clone Atari 2600
  Atari XLE Videogame System  (?)
  (Magnavox) BST
  TANDY Scoreboard (Model 1000?)
  Mattel Intellivision III
  Mega Boy
  APF MP-1000
  INTV System III
    (related to Intellivision)
  Interton 2000
  Hanimex HMG2650      = Emerson Arcadia 2001 (Germany)
  Leonardo             = Emerson Arcadia 2001 (Italy)
  Schmid TVG2000       = Emerson Arcadia 2001 (Germany)
  Quickshot Supervision
  Systema TV Boy I
  Systema TV Boy II
  Super Com  (very light Nintendo SNES clone)
  Duo Computers Duo FC  (computer with a NES inside)
  Duo Computers Duo FC Plus (computer with a NES inside)
  LJN Video Art (not a true video game)
  OMNI Entertainment System
  Great Game Machine
  Quiz Wiz    (not a true video game)
  Video Technology Whiz Kid  (not a true video game)

  Atari Ultra Pong Doubles
  Coleco Telstar Arcade          triangular unit
  Luxor Sportsman 2001
  Atari Super Pong
  Sears Super Pong
  Radofin Tele-Sports
  Coleco Telstar Arcade
  Coleco Telstar Alpha Remote
  Coleco Telstar Ranger
  Coleco Combat
  Radio Shack TV Scoreboard
  DMS Mini Tele-Sports
  Soundic TV Sports
  Radofin TV Game
  Unimex MK V-C Telespiel
  TVG-2002 TV-Sport
  Ultrasound Tele-Sport
  Universum TV Multi-Spiel
  Sanwa Console 9015 = Mustang 9012
  Soundic Programmable Console

  Ideal Computer Tele-Match CB PAL MT (built in to TV?)
  Color Exclusive C PAL FR
  Alex Tennis, Hockey, Squash, Hand Ball
  Parat Hockey, Squash, Handball, Tennis

  BINATONE Mark 10
  GRANDSTAND Match of the Day 2000
  GRANDSTAND 3600 Colour
  GRANDSTAND 4600 Colour
  GRANDSTAND 5000 Colour
  GRANDSTAND 6000 Colour
  GRANDSTAND Colour Programmable
  GRANDSTAND Video Entertainment Computer = Fairchild Channel F
  Radofin 962
  Radofin 1082
  SuperSport SA
  SuperSport S2
  SuperSport S3
  SuperSport TUG
  SuperSport TVG
  Videomaster STAR CHESS
  Videomaster ALL STAR
  Videomaster COLOURSCORE II
  Videomaster SPORTSWORLD
  Videomaster DATABASE = Voltmace DATABASE

American systems without release years
APF TV FUN Model 401
APF TV FUN Model 402
APF TV FUN Model 405
APF TV FUN Model 442
APF TV FUN Model 444
APF TV FUN Model 500

Colorgame                           Intercon Marketing Corp.
Conic model TVG 102-4
Face-Off Hockey/Soccer              Executive Games
First Dimension Video System
Four-Way Video Game, model 1004     Concept 2000
Gameroom Tele-Pong                  Entex
Glorytone                           Granada Electronics
Gorilla Game model TG-101           Santron
Gorilla Game model TG-102           Santron
Heathkit model GD-1999              Heath Co.
Hockey-Pong                         Atari
Name of the Game (??)               Allied Leisure Industries
Odyssey ???, model 4305             Magnavox
OLYMPIAN 2600                       Unisonic
Paddle IV                           Roberts
Quadtronics model Q376
Quadtronics model Q476
Rally IV                            Dyn Electronics
Rally IV                            Roberts
SC 4000                             K-Mart
SC 8000                             Radolin
SuperColor Volley X                 Roberts
Super Pong, Model C-140             Atari
Super Pong Ten, Model C-180         Atari
Superscore                          Videomaster
Tele-Action Mini                    DMS
Tele-Games 80007                    Sears (made by Atari)
Tele-Games IV                       Sears (made by Atari)
Tele-Games Jokari                   Sears (made by APF)
Tele-Games Pinball Breakaway        Sears (made by Atari)
Tele-Games Speedway IV              Sears (made by Atari)
Tele-Games Super Pong IV            Sears (made by Atari)
Tele-Games Tennis-Hockey            Sears (made by APF)
Tele-Match 4, model 7700            Magnavox
Tele-Match, model 3300r             Tele-Match
Tele-Match, model 4400              Tele-Match
Tele-Match, model 6600              Tele-Match
Tele-Match, model 7700              Tele-Match
Tele-Pong, model 3047               Entex
Tele-Sports Mini                    DMS
Telstar, model 6040(deluxe cabinet) Coleco
Telstar Alpha, model 6030           Coleco
Telstar Classic                     Coleco
Telstar Colormatic                  Coleco
Telstar Combat                      Coleco
Telstar Galaxy                      Coleco
Telstar Gemini                      Coleco
Telstar Ranger Colormatic           Coleco
Telstar Regent                      Coleco
Tournament model 101                Unisonic
Tournament 2000                     Lafayette
Tournament-1000 TV game             Unisonic
TV PLUS 4 Four-Way Video Game       Concept 2000
TV Pong  Model EP-500               Nobility
TV Sports 77                        Olympus Electronics
TV Sports 812                       Lloyd's
TV Sports 813 Color                 Lloyd's
TV Sports 825                       Monteverdi (made by Lloyd's)
TV Scoreboard #60-3055              Radio Shack
TV Scoreboard #60-3056              Radio Shack
TV Scoreboard #60-3057              Radio Shack
TV Scoreboard #60-3061              Radio Shack
Video Sport, model TCR-104          TCR
Video-Pro                           Unitrex
?? pong ??                          Radofin

Atari Super Pong Pro-Am
Atari Super Pong Pro-Am 10
Atari Ultra Pong (C-402)
Atari Video Music
Atari Touch Me

Systems Never Released

Atari Space Invaders (Handheld, never released)
Atari Breakout (Handheld, never released)
Atari Cosmos (Tabletop, never released)
Atari Spector Tabletop, concept case only, no electronics)
Atari Stadium Football (Tabletop, never released)
Vaporware (never released):
Nintendo Neo (Atlantis)
SNK Neostar
Sega Neptune
Sega Gigadrive
Samsung 3DO
Nintendo Super NES CD (Became SONY's PlayStation)
Atari Panther
Atari Jaguar CD
Konami MSX
NEC PC-9801
Nintendo Famicom Disk Drive
Nintendo Super Famicom/Jr
Samsung Gameboy = SEGA Master System
Sega CDx
Sega Kids Gear
Sega Mega Jet
Sega super 32x

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