Okage: Shadow King is a completely absorbing, stunning original tale that 
will mesmerize you with more than eighty hours of adventure and gameplay.
In an unexpected twist of fate, the spirit of an evil King is unleashed and 
possesses the shadow of an innocent young boy, named Ari. In one magical 
moment, Ari's life is turned upside down. Wielding the burden of the evil ghostly 
being, Ari must journey across a wonderfully animated, whimsical world.

Surpassing the visual innovation of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, 
Okage: Shadow King envelopes you in a fantasy filled with myths, legends and 
traditions. This powerful story engages you in a struggle between old and new, 
good and evil, light and dark.

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Brilliantly imaginative and magical 3D worlds including 5 towns, 6 fields and 9 
dungeons for over 80+ hours of immersive gameplay.

Six, larger than life, creatively stylized, entertaining characters; each character 
possesses his/her own personality, strengths, powers and attacks. Manage your 
team carefully or forever be bound to the evil King's shadow.

Innovative and unique approach to traditional role-playing games. Find yourself 
enslaved by the evil King, solve puzzles, battle over 100 enemies and discover 
new worlds.

Over 100 spells, attacks and weapons with over 150 items to collect throughout 
your journey.

Engage in enchanting conversations with non-playable characters; decipher 
mysterious clues, unravel the secrets hidden far beneath and discover the 
magic of this charming adventure.

Action-packed, dramatic battle sequences where allies and enemies fight 
simultaneously and in real-time.