The Paris-Dakar rally pits over 400 drivers against each other in a grueling 
17-day race over 6,500 miles. The competitors race a mixture of buggies, 
4x4 vehicles, motor bikes and quad bikes across the toughest terrain and 
conditions! Paris-Dakar Rally for the PS2 takes you to the heart of the challenge. 
Stunning and visually rich environments are matched with realistic physics and 
tense gameplay as the game journeys across North Africa to Egypt through 
jungle, savannah and sand dunes.
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* Pot holes cause bone jarring effects and will eventually cause your suspension to collapse. 

* Appearances can be deceptive. Tumbleweed should be avoided because if enough of them 
hit your windscreen, it will crack and eventually shatter. Without a windscreen, you'll be vulnerable 
to the sandstorms, dust devils or tornadoes and will need to repair at the next Way-station. 

* Fallen trees will block your path but slaloming between them at a slow speed will cost you time. 

* Rocks are a dangerous enemy and can wreck your sump, crush your suspension or crack your 
axle. Try to maintain a high speed but it will take skill to swerve around them. 
Road ruts may seem like a good guide but hit them at an angle and they can damage our suspension. 
Follow them and you could ground the underside of your vehicle and hole your sump. 

* Mud patches will slow you down and could cost you the race if you lose too much time.When 
ravines appear, you'd better make sure you're travelling fast enough to make the other side. If you 
fall short, you'll career down the steep slope to the ravine floor and having to circle back. It'll all 
cost you time you can't afford. 

* Rock falls clutter the mountain roads and you can never be quite sure where they'll appear. A 
4x4 vehicle can drive off road and drive around them but a buggy may need to find an alternate 
route further back. 

* Collapsed bridges with water flowing beneath may not be safe. You'll need to judge if part of the 
bridge is still usable or if you'll need to find another route? 

* Keep an eye on your stamina. You will need to top up on food and water as you race. 

* Way stations on the salt plains will allow you to effect repairs. You'll need to use the G.P.S. 
compass to guide you there but the plains come with the possibilities of flash-flooding. 

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