Journey through a fantastic and treacherous world encountering 
cunning traps, mind bending puzzles and twisted enemies. As 
young Linda you are armed only with the "Demon Scarf", stretching, 
snapping and deforming anything and everything that it touches.
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Join Linda as she embarks on a quest to free her sisters from the clutches of the 
demons of vanity - a group of evil spirits obsessed with possessing and deforming 
humans into grotesquely exaggerated caricatures of physical beauty. By a twist 
of fate, the demon that attempted to possess Linda (the youngest of the sisters) 
became trapped in her favorite scarf, a gift from her father with magical properties! 
Now Linda must learn to control the demon scarf and use it's supernatural powers 
of deformation to battle against the forces of darkness that have kidnapped her family.
Unique 'elasticity' technology allows you to stretch and deform anything in the game

Innovative and fun game mechanics based around the concept of controlling Linda's scarf 
to 'stretch' both enemy characters and the environment

Possibilites of the scarf are limitless: stretch enemies bodies and watch them snap back 
to inflict damage, pull up the ground and use it as a shield, use a tree as a catapult - real 
physics implementation means your imagination is the only limitation

A dark fantasy world filled with twisted characters and warped environments

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