Violent rebellion and civil strive have torn through the heart of 
16th Century Japan. After amassing an army of ninjas and lords 
of darkness, the mysterious Tenrai has begun a quest to conquer 
the country. Now your master, Lord Gohda, has called upon you 
- a cunning stealth assassin - to stop Tenrai and his disciples 
before all is lost. Live by honor. Kill by stealth. 
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* All-New Stealth Attacks and Enhanced Fighting Engine - Master new 
combo attacks, including stealth moves and combo attacks, played out in 
breathtakingly gory detail via a new and improved fighting engine. Take 
the role of three characters - Rikamaru, Ayame and one unlockable secret 
character - utilizing over 20 authentic ninja weapons and tools. Earn new 
abilities and combos by racking up stealth kills.

* Multiplayer Options and Levels - Play with a friend on 5 unique multiplayer 
levels in 2 mission modes: cooperative team oriented missions and Hunter-
Hunted death match mode where you and a friend sneak up on each other 
as opposing ninjas. The abilities you earn in single-player action can be 
transferred to your multiplayer games to strengthen your attacks against friends.

* Stunningly Realistic Graphics - Taking advantage of the PS2's impressive 
graphical capabilities, Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven features 9 larger, incredibly
vibrant levels, detailed lighting and weather effects, and improved character 

* Multiple Mission Paths- Complete unique mission objectives, including 
espionage, theft, and assassination. Uniquely crafted levels allow you to 
determine the most effecient way to achieve your mission goals. Improved 
enemy AI adds to the challenge, forcing you to think on your feet. In 
addition, each level features 3 unique enemy placements to keep you 
guessing. Multiple game endings - based on your earlier decisions in the 
game - keep bringing you back for more. 

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