Dimensions: 12 by 7 by 3 inches
128-bit CPU ``Emotion Engine''
294.912 MHz cache memory
Direct Rambus DRAM main memory
MPEG 2 compressed image decoder
Accessories included: Dualshock 2 controller, 
AV cable, AC power cord
Peripherals: additional 
Dualshock 2 controller, 8 MB memory card, 
multitap adapter

Soul Caliber 2
$4.99 /

Silent Hill 3

Turok Evolution

Onimusha 2

Commandoes 2
$2.99 [Add to Cart]

Tenchu Wrath of Heaven
$9.99  / [Add to Cart]

Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance
$9.99 /

PlayStation 2 Multitap
$4.99 / [Add to Cart]

PlayStation 2 Memory Card 8MG
$9.99 / [Add to Cart]

PlayStation 2 Controller 
$14.99 / [Add to Cart]



New Games

Mobile Light Force $12.99
Enter the Matrix $43.99
Return to Castle Wolfenstein $43.99
The Hulk $43.99
X-Men Wolverines Revenge $42.99
Jurassic Park: Genesis $43.99
Primal $37.99
Amplitude $37.99
Midnight Club 2 $42.99
Splinter Cell $43.99
Gallop Racer 2003 $39.99
Def Jam Vendetta $44.99
Colin McRae Rally 3 $43.99
Ace Combat 4 $49.99
Aggressive Inline Skating $49.99
Alon Dar $49.99
All Star Baseball 2003 $49.99
AQUA AQUA $24.00
Army Men Sarge's Heroes 2 $29.99
Army Men Green Rogue $29.99
Army Men: Real Time Strategy $49.99
Baldur's Gate $49.99
Batman Vengence $29.00
Blood Omen 2 $49.99
Burnout $49.99
CART FURY $49.99
Casper $34.99
Cookies and Cream $24.99
Cool Boarders 2001 $29.99
Crash Bandicoot $49.99
Crazi Taxi $34.99


Dark Angel $24.99
Dark Cloud $19.99
Dark Summit $49.99
Dave Mirra 2 $34.00
Deus EX $49.99
Devil May Cry $49.99
Donald Duck $34.99
Dragon Rage $39.99
Driven $39.99
Dynasty Warriors 3 $49.99
Eighteen Wheeler $34.00
End Game $49.99
ESPN National Hockey Night $24.99
ESPN NFL Primetime $29.99
Evergrace $24.99
Eve of Extinction $49.99
Extermination $49.99
Extreme G Racing $34.00
Fatal Frame $49.99
FIFA 2002 $49.99
FIFA Soccer World Cup 2002 $49.99
Final Fantasy X $49.99
Forever Kingdoms $49.99
Frequency $29.00
Frogger: The Great Quest $34.99
Gadget Racers $34.99
Giants $49.99
Godai Elemental Force $34.99
Grandia 2 $49.99
Grand Theft Auto 3 $49.99
GTC Africa $49.99
Gundam Journey to Jaburo $34.00
Half Life $49.99
Harvest Moon $49.99
Hella Gay!
Herdy Gerdy $49.99
Heroes of Might and Magic $24.99
Hidden Invasion $39.99
Hot Shots Golf 3 $49.99
ICO $49.99
International Winter Sports 2002 $49.99
Jade Cocoon 2 $49.99
Jak and Daxter $49.99
Jeremy McGrath Supercross $34.00
Kengo Master of Bushido $29.99
Kinetica $49.99
Kingsfield IV $49.99
Knockout Kings 2001 $29.99
Knockout Kings 2002 $49.99


Legends of Wrestling $49.99
Lego Racer $34.99
Lemans 24 Hours Racing $29.99
MADDEN 2001 $21.00
MADDEN 2002 $49.99
Madden 2003 $39.99
Mark of Kri $39.99
Max Payne $49.99
MDK 2 $24.99
Medal of Honor Frontline $49.99
Metal Gear Solid $49.99
Monster Jam $49.99
MOTO GP $29.00
MOTO GP 2 $49.99
Motor Mayhem $29.99
MX: 2002 $34.00
Namco Museum $49.99
Nascar Thunder 2002 $34.00
NBA 2K2 $49.99
NFL 2K3 $44.99
NCAA Final Four 2002 $29.00
NCAA Football 2002 $49.99
NCAA Football 2003 $44.99
NHL 2002 $49.99
No One Lives Forever $49.99
ORPHEN $29.99
Pacman World 2 $49.99
Pa Rappa The Rappa $49.99
Pirates Legend of Black Cat $49.99
Portal Runner $29.99
Project Eden $49.99


Rayman 2 $29.99
Red Card Soccer $49.99
Resident Evil Code Veronica X $29.99
Rugby 2002 $29.99
Rumble Racing $29.99
Rune Viking WarLord $29.99
Sega Sports Tennis 2K2 $44.99
Shadowman 2 $49.99
Shaun Palmer's Snowboarding $39.99
SILENT HILL 2 $49.99
Smash Court Tennis $49.99
SOCOM Navy Seals $59.99
Soldier of Fortune $49.99
Splashdown $34.00
Spy Hunter $34.00
SSX Snowboarding $29.99
Star Trek Voyager $34.00
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter $49.99
Star Wars Racer Revenge $49.99
State of Emergency $49.99
Street Fighter EX3 $24.99
Stunt GP $39.99
Summoner $29.00
Super Bust a Move $24.99
Super Street Car Challenge $29.99
SURFING H3O $29.00
Swing Away Golf $29.99

Test Drive $49.99
The Thing $42.99
Thunder Strike $29.00
Tiger Woods 2002 $49.99
Timesplitters $29.99
Tom and Jerry $39.99
Top Angler Fishing $49.99
Top Gear Daredevil $29.99
Top Gun $29.00
Triple Play Baseball 2002 $49.99
Triple Play Baseball 2003 $49.99
Tsugunai $49.99
Twisted Metal Black $19.99
UFC: Throwdown $49.99
Unison: Rebels of Rythem and Dance $44.99
Victorious Boxing $49.99
Virtua Fighter 4 $49.99
Warriors of Might and Magic $29.99
Wave Rally  $29.00
Way of the Samurai $49.99
Winter Sports 2002 $49.99
World Destruction League: War Jetz $24.99
World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars $39.99
World Rally Championship $39.99
WTA Tour Tennis $49.99
X SQUAD $24.00
Yanya Canaballista $39.99
Zone of the Enders $29.99
More Accessories
3 in 1 Universal S-Video Cable $19.99
Component AV Cables $14.99
Controller Extension Cables $9.99
Gameshark Sharkport $29.99
Multi Game Selector $9.99
PS2 Carrying Case $19.99
S-Video Cable $14.99
Shadow Blade Arcade Stick $49.99
Verical Stand $14.99


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PlayStation2 Crash Course

November 4th, 1999

If you read this easy to follow feature, you'll know more about the PlayStation 2 
than 99 percent of the people in the videogame industry.

If you're a PlayStation fan, then you've already read about PlayStation specs, you've seen it in 
action, and you basically understand what it does. Even so, many of the details you've seen are 
some raw numbers that only make sense to the guys at your local Radio Shack (though not ours, 
our local Radio Shack is staffed by simpletons). Well, we don't think that's good enough. Our 
readers deserve better. So, put on your reading glasses and get ready to become a graduate of 
the PS2 Crash Course:

The Basics:

Product Name:PlayStation2
This is simple enough to figure out.

Suggested Retail Price (Japan): 39,800 Yen ($370)
Although the PlayStation 2 will ship for this price in Japan, it will likely debut in the US around 
$249 or $299. This price will be the result of new Emotion Engine factories which are already being built.

Note, however that current rumor says Sony may continue its efforts to push the DVD format and 
promote the PS2's multimedia capabilities by offering some kind of free DVD incentive with new 
purchases. Remember this is just an early rumor.

Accessories included: Dual Shock 2 analog controller, High-capacity 8MB Memory Card, 
PlayStation2 Demo Disc, AV Multi Cable, AC Power Cord.

The Dual Shock 2 analog control is almost exactly the same as the current PlayStation controller 
except that all the buttons are analog. This means that if you push a button only half way, it will have 
only half the effect, which will be perfect for games like Gran Turismo where slight touches to the throttle 
and brake are better than using full throttle or full brake. There are 256 degrees of pressure sensing.

The High-Capacity 8MB Memory Card is also similar to the original PlayStation card, except that it stores 
up to 8MB of information (64 times more than the original) and the information transfer rate is 250 times
faster (which means almost instantaneous transfer rates for most current games). Note that you won't 
be able to transfer saves from old cards to new, or vice versa.

Dimensions: 301mm (W) x 178mm (H) x 78mm (D), (12" x 7" x 3")
Self explanatory.

Weight: 2.1 kg (4 lbs. 10 oz.)
Self explanatory.

Media: PlayStation2 CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and PlayStation CD-ROM, CD Audio
This means your PlayStation 2 will basically play all your old PlayStation games (but not make them look 
any better), all music CDs (except Backstreet Boys) and all North American DVDs.

Formats supported: Audio CD, DVD-Video
Self explanatory.

Interfaces: Controller Port (2)
These are the same as the controller ports on the current PlayStation. Unfortunately the console will ship 
with only two ports as a money saving feature. Link cables will still work, and you'll likely find USB 
controllers near launch that would give you four controllers altogether.

Interfaces: Memory Card Slot (2)
Once again these slots are very similar to the ones on the original PlayStation, except they support the new,
faster transfer rate.

Interfaces: AV Multi Cable Output (1)
This is where you plug the cord that goes to the back of your television.

Interfaces: Optical Digital Output (1)
This port will let you send data directly to a digital receiver. This is perfect if you plan to plug your 
PlayStation into a DTS or Dolby receiver and get perfect sound.
If you don't use digital output, your data will be converted to an analog signal (to travel through your 
ancient copper wires) and then be converted back to digital at the receiver. This usually results in some
loss of quality.

Interfaces: USB Port (2)
Considering the incredible amount of hardware that currently supports USB (Universal Serial Bus) and the 
amount of planned hardware, this is an exciting development for PS2 plans. USB enables you to connect 
any number of devices to your system with a high-speed data link.

Interfaces: I.Link (IEEE1394) (1)
The IEEE139 port is known by two names: I.Link and for Mac owners, FireWire - there are some minor 
differences between the two. This high-data transfer port has the advantage of supplying (some) power 
to devices that are connected. You can expect that an enormous number of hardware devices will use 
this port including speakers, printers, and other like devices.

Interfaces: Type III PCMCIA Card Slot.
This slot is a lot like a laptop's add-in slot. Here you will be able to plug in a modem, more speakers, 
and eventually the connection for Sony's planned broadband network and hard drive.

PlayStation2 Technology Specifications and Features

Emotion Engine
The 128-Bit Emotion Engine is the first chip of its kind. No other mass-market computer technology on the market comes close to its power. In the PlayStation2, this chip is used as the workhorse of the console. It processes all physics and math calculations.

CPU:128-Bit Emotion Engine
The 128-Bit part of the title means that this chipset both processes information and sends it over a 128-Bit bus (A Bus is the pathway between chips on a circuit board. A wide bus carries more bits of information and is thus faster than a narrower bus. The short Bus is what we rode to school on).
By contrast, the Dreamcast has no true 128-Bit components.

System Clock Frequency: 294.912 MHz
You may think that your PC has a faster processor, but remember that the Emotion Engine has inherently faster 128-Bit processing and it is just a part of the overall PlayStation2 power.

A small note for the really detail oriented: The reason that the speed is 294.912 MHz, is that it must be a multiple of a required processor speed that supports the DVD ROM operations.

Main Memory: Direct DRAM 32MB
DRAM (Dynamic RAM) is much preferred over SRAM (Static RAM) because it is able to store data while transferring other data, making it twice as fast as SRAM. The 32MB of main memory is by far the most for any console we've seen. In fact, the amount of memory is even more staggering if you remember that the Graphics Synthesizer boasts 4MB of texture memory on its own. Memory Bus Bandwidth: 3.2 GB per second
This means the memory can store and send up to 3.2 Gigabytes per second. This speeds up overall processor performance. Coprocessor 1: FPU
This stands for Floating Point Unit, which basically means it makes all the calculations.

Coprocessors 2 and 3: VU0 and VU1
These stand for Vector Units one and two. These coprocessors are dedicated to 3D-vector calculations, and determine where the polygons go in 3 dimensions. Emotion Engine Performance

Capabilities: MPEG2 Support
This means that support for MPEG2 DVD ROM compression is handled by the hardware, so your DVD movies will look extra-good. It also means that PS2 developers can compress texture images using MPEG2 compression to save space without taking a hit on game speed.

Performance: Floating Point performance 6.2 GFLOPS
This means the PlayStation 2 can process more than 6.2 billion floating point operations (basic math equations) per second. In other words, this baby can handle physics and math like nothing you've ever seen.

This is about 15 times faster than a Pentium II processor and three times faster than a Pentium III

Performance: 66 Million Polygons per Second Geometry Calculations
This is basically a fake number because; the polygons used for this number are not rendered with all the effects that they will (need to) be rendered with in a real game.

Performance: 16 Million Polygons per Second Curved Surface Generation
This is a better real world test of the PlayStation2, but remember this a best case scenario, in game numbers will be lower. The current PlayStation can only process around 350,000 polygons per second.

Graphics: "Graphics Synthesizer"

Clock Frequency: 147.456MHz
You should compare this speed with your 3D card, not your PC processor. (The TNT2 Ultra runs at 150MHz and the Voodoo3 3500 runs around 183MHz.)

Embedded DRAM: VRAM 4MB
Because of the high memory transfer speed in the PlayStation2, its 4MB VRAM is just as effective (if not more) than higher memory PC accelerator cards.

DRAM Bus Bandwidth: 48 GB per second
This is the memory transfer speed, for the 4MB VRAM. Its outlandish speed lets the Graphics Synthesizer process faster.

Pixel Configuration: 64-Bit (RGB, Alpha, Z-Buffer (24,8,32)
This is how the system supports such amazing transparency and color effects. It breaks down like this: 24-Bits are used for RGB colors, 8-Bits are used for transparency effects, and 32-Bits are saved for the Z-Buffer which keeps track of everything in the 3D environment.) This is a highly effective configuration for a graphics unit.

Pixel Fill Rate: 2.4 Gpixels per second
The PlayStation 2 can render 2.4 billion pixels each second. That's more pixels than you could ever need.

Polygon Rendering: The big numbers
Here are the numbers that Sony gives for the Graphics Synthesizer performance. Remember, these are not real-world numbers, but they do give an idea of the system's power. (Definitions for all the effects are on the following page)

75 million polygons per second (small polygons, no effects)
50 million polygons per second (48 pixel quads, 24-bit color, Z-buffering, Alpha Blending)
30 million polygons per second (50 pixel triangles, Z-buffering, Alpha Blending)
25 million polygons per second (48 pixel quads, Z-buffering, Alpha Blending, and Mip Mapping)

Particle Drawing Rate: 150 million/second
This is the number of particles that the PS2 can render. Particles are 
used for rain, fire, explosions, and even hair. And dandruff.

Sprite Drawing Rate: 18.75 million/second (8 pixel x 8 pixel sprites)
If anyone still made sprite based games, they could basically use all the 
sprites they ever wanted.

Hardware Effects:Anti-Aliasing (surface and edge)
Anti-Aliasing is a graphics procedure designed to eliminate a stair-stepping 
effect, known as jaggies, occurring at low resolutions. It works by blurring
pixels at edges of lines to make the difference between two color areas 
less dramatic.

Hardware Effects:Fogging
This supports fog effects in 3D without a hit on the processor.

Hardware Effects:Alpha-Blending
This supports transparent textures such as windows and water without 
slowing things down.

Hardware Effects:Multi-pass texture functions
This lets the processor render an object and then render another pass on top 
of it. Developers can use this to add lighting effects, and even bump mapping,
which makes 2D surfaces look like they have real bumps and divots. And acne.

Hardware Effects:Perspective correction
This makes textures shrink down as they head into the difference. It's like 
looking down a straight road and seeing it converge to one point in the far 

Hardware Effects:Modulation/Highlights
This lets the developer add spotlights and effects to an existing texture rather
than creating new textures for each new effect. This could be used to display 
the effects of dynamic light changes. For instance you could see how a forest
changes (in realtime) from dawn to dusk.

Hardware Effects:Mip Mapping
This simple procedure uses multiple textures for each object so you see one 
from far away and another from closer up. This avoids the ugliness you used
to see in games like Doom where the textures look good from far away but
look awful up close.

The Sound Chip

Sound: SPU2
Not much is known about the PlayStation2 sound chip, but here is 
what we do know.

Number of Voices: 48ch plus software
This lets developers use the sound chip to provide noises for their games. Duh.

Sound frequency: 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz
This provides CD quality sound.

Sound Memory: 2MB
This will help keep games with large sound files running fast.

Supports: Dolby, AC3, and DTS
The PlayStation2 will output sound for Dolby Digital Sound, the older AC3 
technology and even DTS sound. If you've got a top of the line receiver then 
you'll get the most out of your PS2. This also means that the DVD aspect 
of the console will be on par with the very best DVD players.


Sarah  glitter_1986@yahoo.com  on Saturday, September 1, 2001 at 15:18:28
I was thinking of buying a Playstation 2, what exactly can you do with it? I heard it from a friend and I 
just wanna doubble check, can you really play DVD movies, cd's, and regular playstation games on 
the playstation 2 besides playstaion 2 games? Thank you and I hope to hear form you soon.
Stacy  benaiah@alltel.net  on Monday, June 18, 2001 at 18:34:17
I for one love video games and currently own about every video game system made.  But, I won't be 
buying a PS2 until they drop the price to something reasonable around $200.  You're probably laughing 
right now, but let's see who has the last laugh come December 2001, or January 2002.  Let's see if the 
PS2 is still holding at a pricey $300.  I think not.  Until then Sony, I'll pass.
Tariq sharkas  devilsharkas61@hotmail.com  on Monday, June 18, 2001 at 06:53:07
Ps2 has in its core processors(emotion engine-300mhz) an instructions with 128 bit(wow) capacity 
compared to xbox -intel 733 mhz-which support 32 bit(pooor) only!!!?
bill gates seems clever these days@#!!!!!
Tatum Wiggins  tatumrules91@hotmail.com  on Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 20:16:45
Sony rep just said that this November the sony Playstation2 will be able to go on the 
internet with an add on preperal that will cost about $39.95.
Jhorton jhorton@ipavilion.net  on Friday, December 29, 2000 at 00:11:13
Can the Playstation 2 double as a CD player and DVD movie player?  Is the quality 
comparable to standard rack-version DVD/CD players?  Is the connection and switching 
between functions complicated?
Thanks for your help.
Brandon "PS2 Guys" Breedlove slipknotscodsid@aol.com  on Tuesday, November 28, 2000 at 17:40:25
Dear Reader(s): 

I recently picked my PS2 up at my local Electronics Boutique!  WOW is it great!  The 
visuals in SSX are stunning.  I have of course beaten the game and have noticed that 
you can snowboard on pretty much anything you see.  No other console has ever done
such a thing.  PS2 is one mean gaming machine and it shouldn't be missed.  IF you 
didn't get one yet GET ONE!  Of course you'll have to wait until March 2001. ;p  I have
a website devoted to PS2 why dont you stop by <a href="sonyps2.77th.com">
Playstation 2000</a>

Elvis Presley  akatheman@hotmail.com  on Sunday, November 26, 2000 at 19:09:10
 I have heard about the playstation 2 ever since about June.
I have been saving up to get one ever since. It's processor is
faster than the one on my computer. It is one of the best consoles
yet. I am really excited about the USB support and the IEE support.
Will there be support for burning mp3s onto devices via USB? It
sounds cool to me!
Markus McCulloch markusm@alphalink.com.au on Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 21:05:10
Just a correction;

"CD quality" is 44.1kHz.
Since the PS2 supports 48kHz, it's BETTER than CD quality.

No Big deal - just thought I might let you know:-)


Anthony  anthony@weckergroup.com  on Thursday, November 9, 2000 at 17:08:51
The Emotion technology on the Playstation 2 really smokes on the Launch titles < 
MADDEN 2k1, TEKKEN TT, SSX > I personally cannot wait for some of the major 
ones during the second generation games. I understand that the European Launch 
of Playstation 2 will include a utility disc that allows you to have limited access to 
the Source Code! 
Grant Sanders  Comrad1906@aol.com  on Saturday, November 4, 2000 at 20:51:00
What is the "TOOL" for the playstation 2? i have never seen it in stores.
vanstone  aopen3434@hotmail.com  on Saturday, November 4, 2000 at 05:08:12
Can I conect my Playstation2 to the internet/or(other computer) via the usb bus?
alv  alv@apexmail.com  on Monday, October 30, 2000 at 07:46:16
i have a question on playstation2. my question is that when i'll buy a japanese version 
of playstion is there sort of differnce between the us version once? can the japanese
version can play us version games,dvd and backward compatibility with ps1 games? 

I hope you can answer my question cause my friend offer me a jap. version of ps2.

Alexey Zilber  alex@dayak.com  on Friday, October 27, 2000 at 18:41:26
I just got the console yesterday.  I was surprised that it didn't even come
with a demo cd (though you send away for a free one).  One thing
is different though from the listed specs here: playstation games
are emulated better.  You can choose smoother graphics and faster load times.
I'd like to add though, that everything seems to be handled with drivers
 and it's VERY forseeable that Sony will release driver upgrade CD's.
This means that it's very conceavable that better playstation emulation drivers
will be made available.  And let's not forget, where there's loadable drivers,
there's a line of hackers.  I think very soon we'll see a hacked version
of the DVD player driver that will do multi-region. :-)
victor  victorlg@telnor.net  on Monday, October 23, 2000 at 17:29:58
hy, the playstation 2 can run playstation games? if yes can run  with 100% cality or better?


Manos Emmanouilidis esemmano@tem.uoc.gr  on Monday, October 23, 2000 at 11:26:23
I couldn't find anything, so i'd like to ask you people if a keyboard 
will be available for PS2.
You see, since there's a usb, a keyboard would help guys like me who
have nothing to do with consoles adjust their game better with one.
Thanks. -- I don't know if this is a good place to ask questions.
Robert Szeged53085@cs.com  on Saturday, April 1, 2000 at 02:46:38
If PS2 have DVD-ROM and DVD-Video, will there be DVD-Audio and more importantly DVD-Universal upgrades?
Joseavillarreal  jose@japan.com on Friday, June 23, 2000 at 20:52:51
Do you think that there will be a mod chip out for the playstation2? and how secure is the playstation, 
Since they made a mod chip for it.
Leon Strife.  gxtvs@webtv.net  on Friday, April 21, 2000 at 17:13:39
I recenently got a Playstation2,and it's a very great console,i love the way it feels when i turn the corners on 
Ridge Racer.It feels so real,it's like im in the game,the emotions on the games are great too,it's like your right 
next to the charactors in real life.I never felt so amazed with real aity with a video game console befor,untill i 
got my Playstation2,i also got a Sega DreamCast and it's great but it doesen't compare to the Playstation2.

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