Aggressive Inline is the first Inline Skating game for any
next-generation console. Aggressive Inline is the only title to
exclusively feature the founding father of Inline Skating, Chris
Edwards and the 2001 X Games Inline Vert Champion, Taig Khris in
addition to eight other pro-inline skaters.
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* 9 huge levels offering a plethora of rails, ramps, pipes and surprises. 

* Over-the-top tricks never seen before in an action sports game. Hand grinds, six types
of manuals, grind transitions, double leg grind, new big air tricks, wall taps, stalls, wall
flips, hand plants and much more. 

* Introducing the "Action Button," the one button for all your skitching, pole grabbing,
vaulting and interactive needs. 

* 30 to 60 objectives per level with challenges including time limit point total,
Head-to-Head, single trick point value, NPC challenges and many others. 

* 10 to 15 cinematic events per level that makes the worlds really come alive. As an
example, if you skate off of the Atlas statue, the massive globe rolls on to the street
smashing two buses that form into a half pipe. 

* Integrated Park Editor within main game levels allowing player to build terrain in order to
accomplish objectives. 

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