In Armored Core 2 ,the newest addition to the Armored Core series, you go
head-to-head in relentless battles using an endless combination of parts.
You can select from the collection of parts and armaments to customize
your machine. Choose equipment from 14 different categories to make your
own personal weapon of destruction..
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For the Corporations, soldiers were nothing but expendable tools in the
battlefields, and were held in low regard by society. However, the members
of the Ravens, though they were soldiers as well, were guaranteed freedom
and independence. 

They were admired and respected by all other soldiers. For those who fled
the Earth's extremely poor underground cities and were barely surviving as
soldiers, becoming a Raven represented the highest status and admiration
they could acquire. 

And so a new soldier aspires to become a member of the famed Ravens.
Think you are good enough? Time to find out. 

* Customize your own Armored Core. 

* Use 3 new parts functions: 
Extension - An extension is a turret point that gas been added to the exterior of the
Armored Core on both sides. It is designed to accommodate propulsion devices and assist
in the machine's high-speed mobility. 
Radiator - This new feature is used to cool the Armored Core, which can overheat when
subjected to harsh weather conditions, enemy attacks or prolonged use of the booster. 
Interior - Enables an Armored Core to carry even more weapons. These new weapons will
be similar to those normally equipped on an Armored Core's arms or shoulders. 

* Original Armored Core creations can be saved to a memory card and put to the ultimate
test in heated split-screen or link battles against a friend. 

* All new arenas and rules. 

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"I stopped watching Gundam wing for weeks when i started playing armored core 2"- Justin Seawell