Army Men: RTS is the first Real-Time Strategy to bring you back to the
days of staging tiny plastic battles in your own backyard...execpt these
green soldiers carry out your every command on their own!
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Set the camera angle to an overhead bird's-eye view or get right down into
the action as your troops take on the Tans. Collect resources and build
bases, vehicles and entire platoons before the Tans can retaliate. The fun
is fast and furious in this in-depth, pick-up-and-play RTS adventure. Go
get'em, Soldier!

* Intense action: Build structures, manage resources and create battle tactics. 

* Developed by Pandemic Studios, creators of Dark Reign 2 and Battlezone II. 

* Fully 3D World that players can view with the adjustable camera. 

* Easy to learn custom PlayStation 2 interface with intuitive controls and comprehensive

* Multiple ways to play, including reward-based Campaign Mode, "turn-key" wars with
Great Battles and Special Ops.

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