A great darkness has fallen over the port town of Baldur's Gate and the
lands around. Thieves and brigands roam the countryside, and they have
driven you and your family from your farmland home. On a desperate rush to
seek safety within the walls of Baldur's Gate, your hopes are dashed when
you and your family are ambushed on the road by a group of thieves...
thieves who claim to have ridden from Baldur's Gate to find you. Scattered
by the suddenness of the thieves' attack, you return to the scene of the
ambush to find your sister has been abducted. You must find her... before
whatever terrible plots involving her unfold.
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* Exclusively developed to take advantage of the Playstation 2 computer entertainment
system with effects never before seen on the console. 

* Amazingly detailed creatures, environments, and effects. 

* Single and two-player cooperative play. 

* An intriguing plot that spans three acts - the quest of this game is not just victory, but a

* Uses the 3rd Edition D&D rules set - the first console game yet to use the most popular
gaming system ever! 

* Set in the Forgotten Realms, the most popular campaign setting for D&D.Produced by
the award-winning Black Isle Studios, winners of RPG of the Year for four years running. 

* Over 30 levels of combat action and puzzles. 

* Play 3 character types, each with unique powers, appearance, and abilities. 

* Customizable character development - you decide how your character improves! 

Yet once you arrive in Baldur's Gate, you find that you are all that stands
in the way of one of the greatest threats ever to strike Baldur's Gate and
the Sword Coast. From the streets of Baldur's Gate, to the wind-torn
peaks of the Sunset Mountains, to a final showdown in the deadly Marsh of
Chelimber, your quest to rescue your sister escalates into staving off a war
that will drown the Sword Coast in blood. 

Spread over three acts, this tale of intrigue and fierce alliances pits the
player against myriad challenges, each one bringing the player closer and
closer to the revelation of truth and the bittersweet realization of

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