Journey the expanses of Gotham City with Batman's supreme agility,
devices and supercharged vehicles; on foot, in the air (in the Batwing) and
on the streets of Gotham (in the Batmoble) to fight crime and save the
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* Explore stunning and vast 3D environments, details pushed to the limit. 

* Batman Vengeance isn't just an action game, it's a true Batman experience, where you
have to think to solve a conspiracy. 

* Master new martial arts combos as you progress, access over 40 minutes of cinematic, 
replay the game with your "enhanced" Batman.-Brave 20 sinister levels through Gotham
City’s underworld 

* Brave 20 sinister levels through Gotham City’s underworld. 

* 4 intense game modes: Platform, Driving, Flying, Puzzles. 

* Face Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and over 20 different kinds of sick criminals. 

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"This Game made me wish i were Batman !!"  Mitchel Grayson