400 years have passed since the vampire Kain damned the world in the
original Blood Omen, choosing to rule the world in damnation than die for itís
salvation. Now Kain, who once controlled the land of Nosgoth with his
vampire armies, finds his brethren slain and his dark powers stripped by a
mysterious figure. To reclaim his rule and exact his vengeance, Kain must
dispatch armies of zealot soldiers and overcome legions of demons in order
to uncover the ominous plot that threatens the land he seeks to conquer.
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Blood Omen 2, the latest installment in the Legacy of Kain Series is a 3rd
person 3D action/combat game in which the player assumes the role of the
vampire Kain. A compelling story drives the player through huge lushly
detailed 3D environments and challenges their game play skills in combat,
puzzle solving, stealth and exploration. 

With each success, the player achieves new dark powers that will grant
Kain the ability to access treacherous new areas to explore and the power
to face stronger, more aggressive enemies. As the player develops a
stronger, more skilled vampire, they are rewarded with dozens of dazzling
in-game cinematic sequences that unfold the continuing epic of Nosgoth,
and Kainís attempts to ultimately rule over it. 

* You are the vampire Kain - the most evil figure to grace a video game console. 

* Move through crowds unseen cloaked in stealth, travel stories above the peasant herds
on which you feed leaping from roof-top to roof-top, and use mind-control on hapless
fools to help you overcome vampire-proof inventions. 

* Combat choreography unfolds with dance-like precision as Kain engages armies of
demons and humans alike. 

* The comprehensive menu of unstoppable attacks, nimble combos, and special moves
will satiate even the hardened of fighting game fans. 

* The most beautiful graphics seen on a console to date! The world that Kain moves
through is a lushly detailed, blood-chilling gothic environment that is not only gorgeous to
the eye, but also alive with the soon to be dead. 

* With intuitive AI behavioral response, watch peasants and enemy characters flee, call to
arms or remain unaware as Kain moves stealthily through crowds or charges sword raised
into open areas. 

* The combination of a dynamic action game with the dark mood and atmosphere make
for an intense and cinematic gaming experience. 

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Game  Info

Alex Langley
Any information people get on cheats for the game are incorrect, they all say that you have to press L2 to bring up the map before the cheat is entered, there isn't a map when you press L2... so how can this work...? And I take it that your picture for the game is ment to be the Ps2 box cover, Its the wrong one! The cover of the game isn't that at all
Increase Health Vial (Glitch) 
When approaching a checkpoint do not mark it, jump over it and search the area for any Vampire Relics or any Lore you can get from fights. Then go back and activate the checkpoint. Save the game then reload. All the relics will be restored and all the peasants/guards will be alive again.

Note: Once your Health Vial is the same as your Lore Vial do not exceed the amount in your Lore bar because your Health will reset to what it was at the start of the game, making it impossible to finish the game. 

Start with Soul Reaver and Iron Armour 
Enter this at the main menu:
L1, R1, L2, R2, square, circle, triangle

Then start a new game and Kain will have the Iron Armour from Blood Omen and the Soul Reaver as well.

Note: You cannot pick up any other weapons, and the Soul Reaver is indestructable.