Dark Cloud stands apart from ordinary role playing games by allowing 
you to create the world that you'll adventure through. It utilizes PlayStation2's 
amazing 3-D graphics engine to deliver a flowing 3/4 view with full 360 degrees 
of movement. Your jaw will drop when you see these graphics! All you RPG 
fans, get ready! Another amazing first-party role-playing adventure game will 
release for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system this fall. Dark 
Cloud's true-to-life graphics have folks mesmerized.  And you'll be just 
as impressed. 
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6 playable characters each with their own unique abilities, weapons, skills and strengths. 

Innovative new gameplay mechanic, GEORAMA(TM) challenges you to build a customized 
world then interact within it in real-time. 

Stunning graphics with real-time weather and day/time display. Everything in the environment 
will change, depending on the time of day.

Detailed weapons system with the ability to change and increase weapon strength and damage.

Deeply involving and absorbing storylines combine a number of old Japanese-style fairytales and 

Hundreds of items to choose from including magic, spells, weapons, treasure, GEORAMA(TM) 
pieces, allies, vehicles, keys, and more.

50+ hours of the most engaging gameplay ever undertaken in an action role-playing adventure 
and more than 60 minutes of magnificent cinematic movies expose you to elements of magic, 
action-adventure, strategy, and real-time combat of unparalleled depth. 

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