Though he was a demon, the legendary swordsman, Spahda, 
awoke one day to justice. Alone, he defeated the demon army 
and imprisoned their emperor, Mundus saving the human world from 
damnation. Now, 2000 years later in a large American metropolis, 
a man named Dante, a private investigator of the supernatural, is 
seeking revenge for the death of his mother and brother. However, 
Dante comes face to face with his destiny, discovering the evil 
conspiracy goes back thousands of years and that the evil 
Mundus has arisen a new. The world is waiting, for Dante is 
no ordinary man…Dante is Spahda’s son and with his father’s 
sword in hand, he must enter the demon realm and avenge mankind.
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* A terrifying action thriller from the creators of Resident Evil 2. 

* Mesmerizing graphics and bone-chilling special effects. 

* Battle an onslaught of demonic marionettes, unearthly phantoms, grim reapers, and
other wretched souls. 

* Build up power to transform into a demon state, to inflict devastating attacks on

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