Battle through vast lands and against impossible odds in Koei's newest
battlefield action game. About 1800 years ago in China, there were three
fearless warriors battling for ultimate control over the country: one fought
for hegemony, one fought for ambition, and one stood up for righteousness.
Veteran warriors who shared the same visions swarmed under each leader.
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These stalwart souls waged war across the vast expanse of the land, and
like blood thirsty demons, cut down any and all that stood in their way.
They followed their own rules and were both feared and revered by millions.

* Battlefield action with over 20 intense stages and 40 playable warriors. 

* Brand new 2-player Versus and Cooperative Modes along with Endurance and Time
Attack Modes. 

* Even more bone-crushing moves and improved MUSOU attacks. 

* Control your bodyguards with squad-level commands. 

* First in the series - massive elephant troops.

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Get three times as "nasty" in this one,  i cant stop playing . Stephen Boggs