Endgame takes the best elements of light gun action games and throws in
stunning graphics, life-like sound, and true cinematic action to create the
ultimate next-generation shoot' em up! You play the role of Jade and jump
into a sophisticated plot that leads you on an adventure through stunningly
detailed world locations. You'll face intelligent opponents, governed by
sophisticated A.I. that will provide difficult and constantly shifting
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* Graphical innovations never seen before in a light gun game allowing for stunning
shadow, focus and motion effects. 

* Hyper Mode that alters the challenge depending on the player's skill keeping the
experience intense for all players. 

* Unsurpassed Boss A.I.--Enemies react to your playing style and adjust their strategy. 

* Over 20 painstakingly detailed locations in "real" world settings, each with varying

* Over 7 different modes of play--including training mode and a unique two player mode.

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