Ephemeral Fantasia takes place on an island of paradise where the player is
a travelling musician that has been hired to sing at a royal wedding.
Unknown to everyone on the island, an evil sorcerer has cast a spell on the
island that causes the days before the wedding to repeat over and over
again. The player must break this spell and bring harmony back to the
island. Using innovative game play mechanics like the "surround" battlefield
system, a life-sized game world, and a fantastical story, players will
experience the anguish and joys of their in-game characters.
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* S surround battlefield layout system where enemies can attack from all sides. 

* Dynamic use of the camera brings battle to life with multiple views. 

* 10 characters with different abilities and characteristics can join the group. 

* Over 160 types of imaginative monsters including goblins, serpents and dragons.

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