Wisdom Incorporated is a distinguished conglomerate known for its great
advances in the genetics industry--gene therapy, genome-based drugs,
cloning technology and genetic modification of food. JOSH CALLOWAY is an
employee of Wisdom and the subject of extensive biochemical
experimentation. With superior strength and reflexes, he proves to be the
perfect genetic fit for Wisdom's latest research. He hopes to use his
enhanced physical attributes for the betterment of medical science.
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However, Wisdom's true purpose is to use their biogenetic technology to
gain military power. Their primary focus is the development of a close-range
weapon of deadly power called “LEGACY. It is the fusion of a rare metal
with a living human soul to produce a weapon of unimaginable destructive
force…and a mind of its own. 

Once Josh discovers Wisdom’s true intentions, he decides to escape
Wisdom with his girlfriend, Eliel Evergrand, also a co-worker taking part in
the development of Legacy. Their escape attempt ended in failure. 

Eliel’s soul is then forced into core of the most powerful Legacy ever
made…code-named E.O.E…

  • Huge, free-roaming, fully interactive 3D environments.
  • Fight in close combat against dozens of unique enemies and level
  • Bosses, each with different fighting styles, strengths and weapon types.
  • Collect different power crystals to transform your Legacy into a variety of weapons, 
  • Each has special qualities like time-stop, anti-gravity and energy projectiles.
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