The lives of the three valiant heroes are yours to harness in this 
epic quest of good vs. evil, where your loyal friends are the only
thing standing between you and the curse of oblivion.Bound by
Honor, Friendship and a Deadly Curse. A young swordsman
named Darius is joined by his childhood friend Ruyan, and a
mysterious woman with incerdible magical talent named Faeana 
on a quest to stop the mad wizard Darsul from destroying their 
homeland. The three heroes have been bound by the evil sourcer's 
curse to suffer a shared fate - either they explore the ruins of an 
ancient civilization together to find a cure for their affliction, or they
will all die. 
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 * Real-time party of adventures! 

* Interchangeable "point person" leads the way! 

* Special Overkill and Combo Attacks! 

* Instand weapons and items upgrades! 

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