Medal of Honor Frontline marks the debut of the best-selling and
award-winning Medal of Honor franchise on the PlayStation 2. In Frontline,
you go behind enemy lines as Lt. Jimmy Patterson. Your missions range from
the D-Day assault on Omaha Beach, tracking your Nazi nemesis aboard a
speeding armored train, the epic battle for control for control of the
Nijmegen Bridge , a strategic choke point in the Allied drive into the heart of
Nazi Germany, culminating in a top-secret, high-risk mission to steal the
HO-IX flying wing, an experimental Nazi jet fighter so powerful it could turn
the tide of World War II. 
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* 20 levels of gameplay spread across six major missions, all based on real World War II
events and all adding up to one complete and uninterrupted storyline. 

* Fully-realized and highly-detailed 3D environment, taking full advantage of the
advanced graphics capabilities of the PlayStation 2. 

* Six times the number NPC animations than the original Medal of Honor including
German, British, and American Troops, as well as Dutch civilians - using full facial
expressions and lip-synch. 

* Over 20 authentic World War II weapons, including the Colt .45, Springfield Sniper Rifle,
Panzercheck rocket launcher, MG42 mounted machine gun, and the Browning automatic

* Enemy vehicles include the Panzer and Tiger tanks, trucks, motocycles with sidecars and
armored railway scout cars. 

* Player driven motorized rail car, train, and mine cart. 

* Improved enemy AI requires a consistent variety of attack strategy as the situation
dictates. Go it alone to accomplish your mission with the utmost stealth or work as part of
a highly-trained military unit to wreak havoc on the enemy. 

* Intense non-combat-based scenarios, such as a diguised, weaponless infiltration of an
officer's pub brimming with Gestapo to make contact with a Dutch Resistance operative.

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