Half-Life PlayStation 2 is an all-new experience for console gamers
featuring a complete next-generation upgrade of the original
ground-breaking game as well as entirely new multiplayer
cooperative and competitive bonus games set within the Half-Life
universe. All new advanced technology, enhanced characters and
weapons, upgraded environments and never before seen levels
define Half-Life for PlayStation 2 as the most advanced and
impressive Half-Life ever made.
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* Brand new cooperative game, Half-Life: Decay. 

* Battle your friends in split-screen deathmatch. 

* All new skirmish mode allows players to simulate deathmatch.Improved characters and
environments the most visually captivating graphics to date! 

* Incredible new special effects created to leverage the power of the PS2. 

* Terrifyingly intelligent Enemy AI that can assess threats, run in packs, and shows a
distaste for suicide runs. 

* New Skeletal Animation System gives monsters the most fluid and complex motion ever
seen in an action game. 

* Explore never-before-seen areas of Black Mesa. 

* USB Mouse and Keyboard support. 

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" I play it ALLLLLL the time " - Chris King