Gerdy, an apprentice herder, embarks on an epic quest to revive his father
from an evil spell. His journey takes him across an island populated by an
assortment of wild creatures. To avenge his fatherísnemesis and restore 
goodness to the island, Gerdy must hone his  herding skills and ultimately 
compete in a magnificent tournament to become Master Herder.
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* Master the complex relationships between the wild inhabitants, Gerdyís herding
techniques, and different environmental elements. 

* Control 12 unruly island species, each with their own intellects, personalities and
behavior patterns. 

* Solve puzzles, manage resources, and employ a high level of strategic thinking to
manipulate the various creatures. 

* Immerse yourself in a living, breathing world with lush graphics, incredibly fluid
animation and an unparalleled level of detail. 

* Explore 27 expansive environments filled with more than 200 non-playable characters. 

* Experience absorbing, continuous gameplay without load times, detailed character skin
and bone structure, a complex lighting system, and a seamless blend of natural-looking
animation and control. 

* Acquire tools, guidance and experience from key non-playable characters by winning
challenges and successfully completing side quests. 

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