The year is 2027. We are not alone. We are not in charge. How far up does
the conspiracy go? Only you can find out. Heading the elite Shadowforce
division of the National Security Special Operations, you and your partner
are immersed in the thrilling 3D action of an alien invasion. With extensive
mission-based objectives and a full arsenal of firepower at your disposal,
you must uncover the truth behind a thousand years of infiltration. Highly
detailed, interactive environments and chilling enemy encounters fuel a
spectacular quest that stems from the deepest parts of the planet and
leads you to the highest level of government. Its a quest with only one
acceptable outcome the freedom of mankind. 
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* Engage in 16 state-of-the-art 3D environments. Massive, in-depth levels with 6 unique

* 2 playable characters, each with distinct moves and abilities. Partner with friends using
the multiplayer, non-split screen option. 

* Full array of weapons, from machine guns to futuristic pulse canons. 

* Gripping, comprehensive story line to rival any Hollywood blockbuster. Action movie-style
cut scenes. 

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