Forget tradition, collared shirts and stuffy resorts. Express yourself
on the golf course without the snobby attitude. The award-winning
gameplay of Hot Shots Golf returns with non-stop, fast-paced golf
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* Enhanced graphics deliver vibrant golf environments complete with simulated weather
conditions that affect the flight of the ball and the speed of the greens. 

* Fifteen off-the-wall characters, each with their own characteristics and attitude. 

* New swing Meter will test your skills with a variety of interfaces depending on the lie of
the ball, whether it is in the fairway, rough, treeline, dirt or sand trap. 

* From the morning mist until dusk, the "Time of Day" feature provides a realistic
experience of a full day at the golf course. 

* Quick-paced golf action eliminated delays between holes. 

* Friendly pick-up-and-play gameplay, yet plenty of depth for golfers or any experience

* Earn "Hot Shot Points" for superb performances, great shots and remarkable putts to
use towards enhanced golf equipment and insane golf gadgets. 

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This game is the greatest title to hit ps2 in months !!! Stephen Boggs