Enter a world of enchantment and wonder, where once was, is 
nevermore. ICO, a mysterious boy, has been expelled from his 
village to an isolated castle. Within his confines, he begins to 
have eerie dreams of rescuing a young princess from the evil 
spirits that dwell within the fortress. Blurring the lines between 
fantasy and reality, ICO embarks on a quest to save the princess 
and along the way, discovers his own cryptic fate. 
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* Embark on a heroic quest with ICO, encountering mysterious obstacles and enchanted wonders within a forgotten world. 

* Explore more than 30 immersive levels within large, vibrant worlds. 

* Solve a variety of mind-bending puzzles and overcome the evil that resides within the castle. 

* Deep, involving storyline that will captivate you for hours. 

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