Set centuries after the first Cocoon Master purified the wicked Forest
Minions and freed his village from a sleep curse, this tale tells the story of a
new deadly parasite called Kalma. Kahu, a fledgling Cocoon Master, must
now brave the four elementally-themed forests: water, air, fire, and earth,
each full of monsters, and seek the orbs of Cocoon Masters past before
Kalma overtakes himself and the earth.
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Enter the haunting world Jade Cocoon and experience a fantasy RPG of
boundless possibilities. Within the intense quest for the four orbs lies a
unique battle system where you capture hundreds of monsters into cocoons
and train them from hatchlings to become your own devastating beasts. 

Join Kahu and his trusty companion, Nico, on their journey to rid the land of
menacing monsters, find the magical orbs, and defeat the deadly Kalma. 

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