A cataclysmic evil is tearing the magical world of Chandar in two. Control a
young warrior and assemble a party of heroes, engaging in desperate battle
and labyrinthine mystery as you explore this shattered realm. Discover the
dark mysteries of the past and become the savior of a world so big, the
adventure is boundless…
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* Highly detailed 3D graphics and a variety of environments (grassland, swamps, caves,
arctic, desert canyons and cities). 

* No waiting or loading time between battles for continous play. 

* Phased combat action which is a combination of turn-based and real-time. 

* A multi-player system where a 2nd person can drop in and out of controlling a member
of the adventuring party by plugging in a 2nd controller. 

* Venture into a vast fantasy realm spanning hundreds of square miles. 

* Control your party's development with limitless magic and mêlée skill combinations. 

* Unravel a sweeping tale of destiny layered with gripping side-quests. 

* Wage tactical real-time battles with your party and scores of enemies. 

* Instant multiplayer lets a friend join or leave your party at any time! 

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