Get ready for a dose of bone-crunching football action on the PlayStation2 with 
Madden NFL 2001. Madden NFL 2001 features an all-new and exclusive NFL 
Coaches Club license, which means you’ll see coaches on the sidelines and 
hear them yelling encouragement, comments and criticisms. Madden 2001 
also features individualized details, easy-to-use interface, dynamically enhanced 
audio and play-by-play recorded with John Madden and his broadcast partner, 
Pat Summerall, and more! 
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The king of video gridiron comes to life on the Playstation 2 with legendary madden gameplay and eye-
popping, in-your-face graphics. Experience all the speed, power, and emotion of the NFL from coaches 
throwing their headsets to players on the sideline mugging for the camera and the obligatory “HI MOM”. 
Then top it all off with historical All-Madden Team rosters that let you match up today’s stars with the 
legends of the game for all-time bragging rights. 

Get ready for a dose of bone-crunching football action on the PlayStation2 with Madden NFL 2001. Besides 
incredible graphics that could only be rendered by the PS2 and excellent gameplay, Madden NFL 2001 
features an all-new and exclusive NFL Coaches Club license, which means you'll see coaches on the sidelines 
and feel their influence through different coaching strategies throughout the league. 

Additionally, the PS2 version of Madden NFL 2001 will incorporate EA Sports CyberScan technology, which 
allows the game to accurately detail player models for unsurpassed realism. Expect player-specific wristbands, 
visors, facemasks and turf tape to resemble what you'd see on the field in a real NFL game. 

Additionally, Madden NFL 2001 will give players the chance to collect "Madden Cards" in the game by performing 
certain tasks, much like the Madden Challenge points in Madden NFL 2000. However, unlike the Madden Challenge 
points, players will be able to trade these Madden Cards with friends via the memory card. 

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