The Mark of Kri is an intense and exhilarating action-adventure that delivers
elements of arcade-style fighting, exploration and puzzle solving. With an
engaging storyline filled with conflict and discovery, follow Rau, a heroic
warrior, as he battles through richly detailed environments to uncover the
truth about his family's dark secret. Featuring a completely new and
innovative combat system, artistically stylized character design and clever
gameplay, The Mark of Kri offers and entertainment experience that
stretches the imagination.
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Set in richly detailed 3D environments, each with its own distinct styles and
themes, Rau, a fierce warrior, must battle the denizens of the dark world to
prevent the invoking of an ancient spell that holds the power to unleash
great evil throughout the land. 

Along with his loyal and trusted spirit guide, Kuzo, a large black bird, Rau
embarks on an exhilarating journey that requires a combination of stealth,
aggressive-action moves and calculated planning. Kuzo plays a strategic
role in the quest with the ability to scout ahead to perches for a better
view of looming danger, retrieve items and distract opponents. 

Grounded in realism and accentuated by captivating music from Juno
Reactor, The Mark of Kri will keep gamers entertained for hours.

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