Metal Gear Solid is the action game by Hideo Kojima that allows the player
to experience the ultimate feel of existence. Not only its "game system" but
the various entertainment elements that support it have been highly
respected. Polygon demos with models straight out of the game portion,
displayed in real time; the detailed world and atmosphere along with the
dramatic story with deep themes such as "man's DNA-based fate" and
"antiwar / anti-nuclear weapons" woven into it; the dynamic score and
sound effects enhancing the feel of existence...
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"Avoid battles, avoid being seen, and infiltrate enemy territory" -- a
concept totally different from conventional action games; the camera work
that changes according to the circumstances the player is facing, possible
due to the creation of 3D surroundings entirely with polygons -- living up to
the true meaning of the word "interactive". All of this realizes the maximum
level of thrill and tension that cannot be experienced in a movie or novel. 

* Superb game play, gripping storyline, rollercoaster action and movie-like soundtrack. 

* Incredible graphics that surpass any other PS2 game on the market. 

* Brand new moves and infiltration methods enhance the action and realism. 

* Music score by Harry Gregson-Williams (Enemy of the State, Armageddon, The Rock).


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" Hairy tiee boo boo, Ahh even better than the first one " Justin Byrd