NCAA Football 2003 delievers legendary rivalries, emotional upsets, and
unique college gridiron action. See and feel the difference that separates
the pageantry of college football from the pro game. 
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* College Spirit: Authentic stadiums for all 117 Division 1-A programs, with new 3D
cheerleaders and 50 mascots leading the crowds in team-specific chants and over 200
unique songs and rousers. 

* All the Hardware: Decorate your trophy room with dozens of personally-engraved awards
including the Heisman trophy, rivalry trophies, and conference championships. 

* Rivalry Game: Over 100 of college football's most storied rivalries. Some are for
trophies, but all are for bragging rights. 

* All the Moves: Run a new option variation and WR split. Perform play fakes, spin moves,
one-foot toe drags and more. A defensive coach cam and side-to-side pursuit on defense
give you even more control over your game. 

* Create-A-School: Create your own collegiate program from its logo to the stadium. Then
coach your created school through every game mode, including Season and Dynasty. 

* Build a Dynasty: Take your conference by storm, year after year, against pre-set or
customized schedules. Recruit the best atheles, red shirt your developing players, and use
TV exposure to gain status as you build a dominating force in the NCAA. 

* And the Crowd Goes Wild: Listen to teh ref's call echo through the stadium over the PA
system and hear the reaction of the fans. 

* It's All in the Details: Pride stickers on helmets, your team flag on menu screens, new
player faces and textures and other details deliver the spirit of college football.

Only EA Sports delivers the tradition and spirit of college football's storied
programs, with intense rivalries at 117 Division 1-A and 27 Division 1-AA
schools across the country. Control all the action on the field with
defensive swats, stiff-arm broken tackles, fake-out moves, and much more.

With dramatically improved AI and gameplay, call and execute the plays
that make the band play, the cheerleaders shout, and the mascots dance.
NCAA Football 2003 - it's what college football is all about.

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