With a new game and graphics engine, NCAA Football 2002 from EA Sports,
the top-selling college football game, returns and makes it debut on the
PlayStation 2. This year's road to the National Championship leads to the
Rose Bowl in Pasadena and NCAA Football 2002 is the only way to get the
Sears Trophy.
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NCAA Football 2002 jumps off the screen with incredible graphics,
showcasing high-resolution polygonal football players in a level of detail
never seen before in college football on PlayStation 2. Division 1-A stadiums
have been replicated to include lighting, scoreboards, bands and visitor
sections in the crowd. 

EA Sports brings the true college feel to the next-generation system with
the introduction of 3D mascots and incredible player detail like the jersey
patches and helmet stickers.

* Gamers can select from any of 117 Division 1-A or 27 1-AA teams. 

* The only college football game with Top 25 and the BCS standings. 

* Take your team to one of 26 Bowl games, including the National Championship at the
Rose Bowl, the Nokia Sugar Bowl, FedEx Orange Bowl and the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. 

* Stunning graphics and realistic game play create an authentic college football

* All-new college-specific animations such as QB options, wrap tackles, fakes, jukes and

* Deeper Dynasty Mode for up to 12 players.

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