Onimusha: Warlords is an epic saga of 16th
century Japan when warlords fought brutal
 hand-to-hand battles for rulership and power.
 The game weaves actual historical accounts
 and Capcom's own fictional storylines into one
 epic drama. Taking place in Feudal Japan
 (1560), Onimusha is set in the civil war time
  ruled by the feared warlord Nobunaga Oda.
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This game features amazing graphics, unbelievable realism and
motion-picture quality. Plus it introduces revolutionary "background
animation" technology that takes it to a level never before seen in a
video game. 
The year is 1560 in feudal Japan. Warlords battle one another,
launching relentless attacks in the name of power. Now, at the peak
of chaos, a young princess, sister to the might Nobunaga, is
kidnapped. Out of honor, a lone swordsman, Samanosuke, boldly
volunteers to rescue and avenge the princess. 
But in these days of darkness, even Samanosuke does not realize the
desperation of his mission. An entire legion of demon warriors stands
between him, the princess and triumph. 
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Game  Info

Get the Bishamon Sword
Fight through all 20 levels of the Dark Realm. Kill all of the monsters on the 20th level, then 
open the treasure box here to discover the Bishamon Ocarina. Then, in the area just beyond the 
second Marcellus boss fight, use the Ocarina on the bone door here to open it. Then head inside 
and claim the prize, a sword with unlimited magic which will kill any non-boss character in a single 
swipe. A powerful ally, indeed. 

Beat Oni Spirits...Unlock An Arsenal
If you make it past all 12 levels of the extremely challenging Oni Spirits mini-game, you will unlock 
a gameplay option that will allow you to start the regular game with a wonderful array of toys. Not 
only do you get to play through the game with the Bishamon Sword, but you get unlimited Arrows 
and Bullets, and begin with 99 Soul Absorbers in your inventory. In addition, any magic you use 
will automatically respawn after the attack. With this at your disposal, beating the game again 
and unlocking everything else will be a cinch! 

Unlock Oni Spirits
If you collect all 20 Flourites and finish the game, the mini-game Oni Spirits will be unlocked. For 
a full description of where to find each Flourite, read the Flourites section of this guide. 

Unlock Onimusha 2 Trailer
Finish the game on any difficulty to unlock a sneak preview of Onimusha: Warlords 2. When you 
go back to the main menu after saving, go to Special Feature to view the preview footage. 

Unlock the Panda Suit
If you collect 10 or more Flourites during the course of the game, and successfully finish, there will 
be an extra costume available for Samanosuke when you begin a new game... a cuddly panda suit! 
When you restart, select Samanosuke-Extra to play as the big bear. Note the daisy gauntlet and 
stuffed friend in the mucus pouch. Don't you love being a marsupial? During gameplay, use L2 to 
wear the head on or off. 

All 20 Flourites
There are 20 special rocks--called Flourites--stashed throughout the game. Finding them all is difficult, 
but will reap great rewards. If you finish the game with all 20 Flourites, a mini-game called "Oni Spirits" 
will be unlocked. 

The Vision Staff, which can be found near the Bishamon shrine in the West Area, is very helpful in 
locating Flourites. As soon as you possess it, the rare items will shine, making them much easier to 
spot. However, you'll have to find the first nine on your own. Below, you'll find a list of every single 
Flourite in the game. 

1. In one of the small alcoves with brown doors near the Seiryu in the Under Temple area. 
2. Just after the boss fight in the South area, break a couple of urns and search the floor under them 
to find the Flourite. 
3. In the Keep, after running into Kaede with Yumemaru, you'll find the Flourite in a little cupboard 
over the treasure box near the stairs. 
4. On the upstairs level of the Keep, through the room just past the red magic door on the catwalk. 
Step through the next room and find the Flourite under the stairs near the treasure box containing the Arrows. 
5. In the upper reaches of the Keep, you will find a Flourite across from Volume two of the Seiryu 
right after the cut scene where Tokichiru takes off into the night. 
6. In the Keep Underground, head down the second hall of glass-encased red samurai. In the left 
corner (near the last samurai), you'll discover the Flourite. 
7. In the Keep Underground, find a Flourite inside the iron maiden in the same room where you 
get the Blue Key. 
In the West Area, when playing as Kaede, find the secret room (use the Gear to enter). In front of 
the Buddha statue here is a Flourite. 
9. While playing as Kaede in the West Area, you will step into a burning room just past the gate
that required the Gold and Silver Plates. Through the door left of this entrance is a narrow staircase. 
Next to the staircase in a heap of barrels, you'll find the Flourite. 
10. In the West area, you'll find a Flourite just outside the door after obtaining the Vision Staff with 
11. In the West area, find a Flourite on the hill with the sled just outside the castle. 
12. In the West Area, you'll find a Flourite blinking in the path on your way to the room with the 
statue (where you got the Matchlock). 
13. In the East Area (with Samanosuke), atop the roof there is a bell. In the walkway around the 
bell is a Flourite. 
14. While playing as Samanosuke, collect the Flourite on the pier just past the Magic Mirror room 
in the East Area. 
15. In the East Area, just when you begin playing as Kaede, you will enter a shrine just past the 
locked door you pick. A Flourite is on the floor just to the right of the door. 
16. While playing as Kaede in the East Area, climb a ladder in the bridge house Magic Mirror room. 
Destroy the crates here to find another Flourite. 
17. In the East Area, while playing as Kaede, you can find another Flourite atop a chest in the room 
where you get the final book of the Suzaku. 
18. Sixth level of the Dark Realm 
19. Eleventh level of the Dark Realm 
20. Seventeenth level of the Dark Realm 

What's Your Grade?
Onimusha: Warlords allows you the opportunity to rate your progress, based on a series of points. 
The perfect score is 30, meaning you have to score all available points in three categories: 

Time taken to complete 

Up to 3 Hours= 10 points

3-4 Hours= 7 points

4-5 Hours= 5 points

5 or more Hours=3 points 

Number of demons killed 

0-399= 3 points

400-499= 5 points

500-599= 7 points

600 or more= 10 points 

Number of souls collected by the gauntlet 

0-34,999= 3 points

35,000-44,999= 5 points

45,000-54,999= 7 points

55,000 or more= 10 points 

The points add up as follows: 

0-9= D

10-17= C

18-24= B

25-29= A

30= S 

If you score a perfect 30 and earn an S rating, Kaede will get a special costume of her own... and 
it's quite demonic. Access it from the same menu as Samanosuke's Panda outfit. 

Alternate Costumes
If you want your character to look a little different, simply complete the game one time and then 
start a new game after saving. You will see a "Normal/Special" option. If you select the Special 
option you will appear in a special panda suit.

Preview for Onimusha 2
After you complete the game for the first time, it will prompt you to save. Do so, and then start a 
new game. View the "Special Report" to see a small preview of Onimusha 2, which apparently 
takes place about 10 years after the events in this game.