As the powerful young sorcerer, Orphen, you've never been too motivated
about anything. Until now. Harnessed into a risky adventure on treacherous
Chaos Island, you must use your dark powers to battle monsters, overcome
traps and solve a series of puzzles -- all in an attempt to help your
desperate companions complete their unique quests. As you unravel each
mystery , you'll discover something else as well - the reluctant hero withon
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* Solve puzzles and battle monsters as the sorcerer with a slacker attitude, Orphen, or
four of his comrades in this epic action RPG. 

* Take in stunning graphics as you explore underground caverns, ice mountains, and

* Vast over 60 spells, collect items and use hidden weapons as you take on three
immersive storylines and 41 event-based encounters.

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