An all-new engine delivers a whole new golf game in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR
2002 for the PlayStation 2. Courses look as lush and rich as the real thing
and golfers pop right off the screen, making this is the best-looking golf
game around. 
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With phenomenal physics that give you more control of the game and take
competition to the next level, it’s also the most fun game around. Total
Control Swing lets you control whether you hit the ball on the screws, slice
it into the woods, or draw it back nice and soft. 

Prove yourself season after season in Career mode or go for the fast and
furious action of Split Screen and Speed Golf modes. Waiting’s a thing of
the past! Welcome to the future of golf gaming. 

* Golf Comes Alive - All-new 3D engine delivers an unprecedented level
of realism, with stunning golf action from every angle, in every

* New Total Control Swing Technology - Master the power and control of
your swing and experience all the power of a monster drive or the
fist-pumping glory of a tournament-clinching putt.

* A Golfer’s Paradise - Six premiere courses exquisitely rendered like
never before, including Pebble Beach Golf Links, The Princeville
Resort, Royal Birkdale, and more.

* Take On The Best Of The Best - Compete as or against PGA Tour
Pros such as Tiger Woods, Justin Leonard, Mark Calcavechhia and
more, plus a lineup of tough fictional golfers.

* Take The Tiger Challenge - Only when you unlock Tiger will you earn
the right to play on the Tiger Dream 18 holes.

* Challenge A Friend To Speed Golf - Leave your golf etiquette at the
clubhouse; this is an all-out, two-player race for the hole.

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