Are you interested in the video game industry?

Do you want to be your own boss?

Would you like to own a Video Game Superstore?

Player’s Choice is currently in the process of opening its successful concept to anyone willing to work hard. 

Grab your piece of the booming $16 billion video game market and create a winning situation for yourself!!

Player’s Choice, Inc. is a successful video game venture which has operated over nine retail stores throughout the Southeast since its inception in 1991.  Over 12 years and 14-plus store openings later, we have become experts on the video game store concept.  Over that time we have seen many changes in the industry; and today, video games are hotter than ever with people spending over $16 billion annually.  With the recent release of the Gamecube, X-Box, and the Playstation 2, the industry has nowhere to go but up! 

With Player's Choices’ experience, your dream of getting into the video game industry is only a few steps away. You will be able to buy, sell, rent and trade new and used video games and systems successfully with the “Video Game Development Packages” described below. 

Video Game Store Development Packages


Business Plan Template – As you are aware, business plans are essential in raising capital for any new business venture or in applying for a business loan.  This template will take you through developing what you need step-by-step in your business plan to try and acquire the funds necessary to get your store open.  (MS Word is required to edit the template)    $399.99   Order Now
Video Game Wholesale Vendor Listing – An invaluable full listing of all the video game wholesalers from coast-to-coast. From this list you will place your game orders from the best and cheapest video game wholesalers in the business.  Everything from closeout lists on budget titles and the full line of the latest releases for the PS2, X-box, Gamecube, and Gameboy Advance are available.  $299.99  Order Now
Store Layout Checklist – This checklist will provide you with examples of proven successful store layouts, so you know what to look for when selecting that all-important location.  Once your location has been selected, you will also have a store checklist of what you will need to build-out your store within the layout that you have chosen. We will include a complete package that will cover everything including: checkout counters, display cases, shelving, racks, price gun, and business related materials. The business related materials will cover business cards, newsprint advertising, and interior signage templates, etc… All this is on one CD-Rom.  (MS Word is required view files)   $399.99   Order Now
Retail Sales POS System – This development packager will supply you with the leading video game POS software contact, a vital component in running a game store. Their software will handle the selling, trading and renting for all your stores needs.  It comes equipped with all the report tools to keep track of your stores entire inventory. We will also provide proprietary files to install on the software that will have the latest updates on all the video game prices, past and present.  This will save you thousands of dollars and hours in setting up your store!    $399.99 Order Now

Or Buy All 4 Packages for $1299.99 ($500 Savings)Order Now

Complete Store Solution